Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is very important that your website appear in the top search results pages and for that, you need a smart SEO strategy. With our digital marketing solution, you will get absolute search Engine Optimization solutions to bring your website on top. We also ensure that your chosen keywords garner maximum benefits from the online content.

SEO services can be classified into 2 categories and that is On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization. On-page Optimization ensures that the search engine knows your website thoroughly. On the other side, Off-page Optimization helps in gaining the right signals from authentic sources on the website. HIkeUp takes care of both the aspects when it comes to optimizing your website on the top rank on the search engines.

On-page Engine Optimization

It is one of the most important aspects of SEO services. The On-page Optimization process allows optimizing the website on multiple levels to ensure that it is sending the right signals to the search engines. On-page Optimization Services includes the following:

  • Content Optimization & strategy formulation
  • Keyword Research & Keyword Analysis
  • Informational Architecture Analysis of the website
  • Meta-Tag Creation as well as Optimization
  • Website Code Improvement
  • Integrating the website with Social Networks
  • Improving HTML Markup
  • Creating a usable Website Navigation Structure

Off-page Optimization

It is a strategy that helps in creating authority for the website in your niche by making your online presence in the right places. HikeUp possesses the ability to provide off-page optimization services that utilize all available techniques to generate the effect.

  • Create Local and Global Business listings of your Business to gain more credibility.
  • Building Links to your website from authority domains.
  • Influence your niche through social network landscape like Forums, Blog, etc.
  • Follow an engaging content creating as well as marketing strategy.
  • Utilizing social network space for click-baiting and viral marketing.